Sunday, 3 June 2012

busy gardening....

    Ive been very busy setting up my front garden for the summer season.  Since i work part-time and have a family i have to work around everything.  First, I had to clean up the back yard so I was ready to work on the front yard.  ps.  my husband can't help me cause of his its up to me...!
     next I wanted to change the garden edging.  so I started at the front porch corner and went from there.  I dug up alot of weeds as I went.  you see I have a bird feeder at my porch and the seeds fall and sprout in my garden.  as I was digging a robin came and joined me.  I would find a grub and I would through it onto the driveway and the robin took it to her babies in the nest.  Soon she was getting so confident as to our friendship she came into the garden near me for a worm or a grub.  When I stopped for break I had planned.....she chirped as to say "where is my worm".
      Next i had to reset the brick edging.  the block are about 6 inches by 6 inches and heavy.  one by one I worked away.  The first day I only got one third of the yard done.  Then came the break for workn for money and family stuff.
      Next week.....same stuff....only this time i took out a very,very old shrub.  This burning bush had been planted at our place since we were married.  Last year's harsh heat and little rain had burnt it to a when it finally tried to sprout this year it was a dead stick.  It took alot of hand sawwing and digging arounnd the bushes trunk to get that Baby out.  I finally was able to flatten the ground and put over the mulch.  But i have a low spot to start next time, and a place for something new.  When i have that something new to plant then i will beable to finish the last half.
       Also I have been adding in the theme this year is BEACH Garden.  Early in the spring when it was warm enough my husband and i would take a cup of coffee for him and a tea for me from tim hortons and go and sit at the beach.  I was able to collect alot of branch drift wood.  so i spread them out and went again to the beach for one more batch of drift wood.  next i plopped in a couple of flowers. I now have a pail and shovel and im going to dig the pail into the ground and add a flower into it.
        I also found a cheap Beach sign from micheals.

i have not had time nor energy to do my craftys lately...but i have been searchn my favorite sites for new ideas.  i plan to tell you as they come to life.....till next time ....toodles...:)

Thursday, 17 May 2012 still no pictures....still trying to fix this though....

Gardening day

today was one of many days spent in my small postage stamp garden.

  i have been revamping the cement edging and weeding all at the same time.  the first day i got one third of the way.  it was brutally full of weeds. I have a bird feeder right above this part of the garden and all the seeds the birds flung around ended up sprouting.

2nd day I got another third done.  less brutal than first bit.

today was a "B".  My husband and i decided to  ditch a bush that we planted 20 years ago.  \it was so hard to dig out.  I'm glad it was not to hot out today.

yes i do know how to use capitals on my letters but i am lazy somethimes....thats why i call myself a lazy daisy in this blog.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

end of april

well.....its the end of april and im still a lazy daisy cause i still have not found my camera cord.  without my camera cord I cant post pictures.  i will have to use my dausghters cord if and when i can use it....till then....bye for now....bren:)

Friday, 6 April 2012

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           ..........Cool to Craft
Today is Friday a day to celebrate Christ.  Today is also a day to enjoy family time. No time for crafting today.  I have to get some photos down loaded onto my lap here to start it rolling....